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Welcome to the official  Campaign website for Republican Candidate Craig Ennis for Virginia US House 7th District 2020.   Please feel free to look around, go to the ABOUT CRAIG page to get to know him. Visit our on the ISSUE page to see what Craig is fighting for.

2020 will be a election for the future of our country. Socialism is become a direction we are headed too that would be unheard of 20 years ago. More and more everyday the romanticism of Socialism fills the minds of our opponents, Socialism is not a American value.

In 2016 we gave the Presidency the House and Senate to Republican lawmakers, only to have those Republicans not fully fight for what We the People elected them for. With Craig Ennis in Congress you will get that fighter, you will get that voice you want in Congress.

Also visit our Contribution page and donate to our cause to make the Virginia House 7th District Republican again in 2020.

Interested individuals can email us at or contact via the volunteer page.  







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Ennis for Va. 7th
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