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HEALTH CARE - One of our main Issues is working on a Health Care Solution that is affordable and benefits all Americans without a Medicare for all Result.

Second Amendment Gun Rights - As in the US Constitution I support the Right to Bear Arms. I support 50 state concealed carry law.

Abortion- Will not stand for Infanticide. I support Abortion in cases where a woman's healh is in jeopardy or rape or incest only in 1st trimester . The American taxpayers should not have their money used to pay for Abortions.

Animal Abuse- I support making animal abuse a felony in the United States.

Immigration- This is another top Issue that we feel needs to be addressed, the only solution is  Comprehensive Immigration Reform that is fair to the citizens that came to America the Right way. We need to end the catch and release system as it is now. A Border Wall finally needs to be built its time to finish what prior Administrations pledged to do but failed to act. The US needs to address the over staying of Visas and deport those who are not citizens and break our laws.

Homeless and Suicide of American Veterans- America needs to make this a top social issue take care of our vets before we help other countries with Foreign Aid. Americans First

National Debt- With the rising National Debt spending needs to be reigned in, its time to do more with less.

Term Limits on US Congressman and US Senators- It is passed time we put an end to career politicians at the Federal level. If a President is only allowed to serve two Terms, Congress should do as well. I still believe in the original founding you serve congress then return to your farms.

Marijuana Legalization in America- I support the Legalization of Marijuana I don't believe Marijuana is a gateway drug. Alcohol and cigarettes cause more deaths and health issues than Marijuana. This is the only New Green Deal I will support. We have a major opioid and Meth crisis in America that should be fought. A little weed has never directly killed a single person in the US and that is the truth.

Prescription Drug Costs- We need to make sure our Seniors and Individuals that need these items can afford them. Too many drug manufactures are profiting off our nations health issues its time to dig into their pockets while helping the pockets of those who need the prescriptions.

Social Security- We need to sure up the Social Security Fund instead of pissing away our taxpayers future.

Investigate the Hillary Clinton Campaign- America deserves the truth on how a political campaign in the US can spy on a rival political campaign and use Federal Agencies to do it. This should never happen in our country NO MATTER WHAT POLITICAL PARTY IT IS.

Education- I believe that Education should not be controlled at the Federal Level, States should have the right to educate their students. School choice is a right choice.

America First- After Decades of rebuilding other nations, our nation needs some rebuilding. Our roads are crumbling the infrastructure is old and decaying. Foreign Aid is going to help countries that just waste our help. America needs this funding for improving our citizens every day lives. Roads need new asphalt, Our environment needs a cleaning without stopping American Progression and killing the Economical engine. Our citizens want the Government to be their champion and improve their lives and the future of their children. Our citizens well being should come before any foreigners.

No more Nation Building Wars- We should be done with Nation Building the proof is in the pudding it doesn't work and the cost of our blood and treasure is not worth that price anymore.

Ennis for Va. 7th
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